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Look at the LINKS to the problem you may experience. If they are listed, the MIND MENU explanations may be helpful.  

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Quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) is the cutting-edge direction in using brain mapping, leading to the optimal direction of neurofeedback therapy for you. Neurofeedback essentially refers to working with your brain in understanding how it is functioning or dysfunctional, which leads to a better understanding and direction for training your brain towards normalization and comfort.

The following Mind Menu of brainwave problems, associated with thinking, emotional or behavioral problem areas you may experience click on the one that is best descriptive of corrections you want to explore.

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Can't focus and learn thing

Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Anger

Can't let these problems go

Concussions or Traumatic Brain Injury

Dang, can't think/remember

Learning Disabilities

Do you have problems staying focused?

Obsessions or Compulsions

Awful to live with things

Pain Management

I Hurt and suffer All The Time

PTSD & Extreme Violence

I saw DEATH, can't forget

Sleep & Insomnia Problems

Not Ahhhhh Quiet and Calm

Neurotherapy, what is it?

This cutting edge technology has been part of biofeedback for many years. Biofeedback comes from “Bio”, meeting body and ”therapy”, suggesting change for the better, is also called neurofeedback with brainwave training. Commonly, we do not think about what we do, but we have learned to do so many things which feel and in fact are automatic. For instance, putting your thumb and forefinger together is really a brain event, sending a signal to the muscles and fingers to do something. The senses respond from touch as feedback, in the reality of both touch and position, causing this activity. Playing the guitar, ping-pong, or catching a ball are well learned body and brain activities. If you want to think about it, the brain is a learning computer, with virtually trillions of connections. So far we have talked about motor skills. The same holds for emotions, behaviors and other elements of our being.
Neurofeedback is the basis for neurotherapy and is often referred to as EEG biofeedback or Brain Wave training. Neuro Feedack Training (NFT) uses monitoring sensors on the scalp to provide immediate information  regarding your physiological functioning, with the ultimate focus on your central nervous system and  brain.

NFT is founded on basic and applied neuroscience, as well as on clinical practice. NFT meets the American Psychological Association’s definition of being an evidence-based intervention. NFT is the integration of the best research available, with clinical experience in a context of patient characteristics, culture and performance. Quantitative EEG (qEEG) measures electrical patterns, on the scalp, of the underlying brain, through digital technology, reflecting the electrical activity or Brain Waves.

The Mind Menu Symbols are the Heading for Different dexcriptioms of the particular topic you may review, for it’s timeliness and help.  These are areas we understand and may provide assistance in resolving.  Our goal is to provide a blend of compassionate understanding, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and High Tech cutting edge technology directions, in helping you to change your brain, and ultimately your life. However, there is no guarantee of success.

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