Depression, which has not been controlled by medication or other means,  may benefit from neurotherapy.  Self destructive thinking; always feeling down; and low energy to accomplish things, may be controlled by the neurotherapy. This is highly individualized, fitting the person.  Relief may be expected in twenty or fewer session, providing practice is followed.

The story
Susan (a hypothetical name) has had crying spells for years. She has been treated with every antidepressant in the book, generally with little success and often with adverse side effects. Electroshock had even been offered. Days always seemed dark and with no joy in life. Family has been supportive, but she never was able to shake her depression. With neurotherapy, in combination with psychotherapy, under her doctors approval, Susan began to enjoy life again.

Recognizing the powerful help of antidepressants, there are some individuals who seem to not be helped greatly or are unable to tolerate these medications. The Susans can become self destructive, a real tragedy.

Drs. Elsa and Rufus Baehr in New York, have developed a well documented Neurotherapy protocol to bring relief to the Susans of this world. This protocol relies on changing the QEEG asymmetry of Alpha rhythms frontally, training a more normal relationship between right and left frontal lobes. This has now been well accepted as a new route to treating refractory depression, meaning uncontrolled depression. Of course, primary care and mental health physicians need to continue their involvement in patient care. Significant gains may be reported in as few as twenty sessions. This is an encouraging direction for depressed persons not responding to an antidepressant regimen. Depression is not necessary, now with other options available.

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