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Dr. Brose Is a Ph.D. Psychologist dedicated to assisting individuals to improve their lives, through the process of changing their brain and body, to adapt to the problem areas they experience. Dr. Brose has been working in the area of neuropsychology, biofeedback and psychotherapy for many years. His goal is to utilize the state of the art technology, now in the area of neurotherapy.

Dr. Brose has been involved in graduate level understanding of the brain body relationship since graduation from the University of Oregon in 1968 with a Ph.D. in Psychology.  He began to be interested in complex electronic relationships as an amatuer radio operator, later neuropsychology, then biofeedback, and most recently in Neuronal Regulation otherwise called Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy.

Fortunately there are now explanations beginning to be understood about our exquisite central nervous system and body regulated by the master organ, the brain.  We are beginning to work with memory and it's location in the brain.  There are beginning to be well understood nerve pathways for motor and sensory operations.  We are beginning to understand the executive function of the brain, in how it handles inputting data and commands to perform functions involving the various operations of the body or thinking activities.  The marvelous Thalamus, in the brainstem, is the switch board between the brain's cortex, the outside world, and regulating many vital body functions.

Putting all this together, we now know that even when there are dysfunctional problems in the body, there are regenerative neural learning processes. Individuals can often develop the ability to re-regulate the body, and even bring back some lost functions. The brain has billions of connections, allowing new circuits to be found.

One of the most severe problems is when the exotic master organ is damaged, either mechanically or systemically, thereby disrupting the regular flow of nerve transmissions within the brain.  Stroke or brain attack is one of these.  Fortunately, there are billions of nerve circuits and with training, the damaged brain may be able to learn to re-route these messages.  This is an exciting era where there is actual change in the brain towards normalization.  This is not to suggest this is either easy or rapid, but rather may be difficult and timely.  Generally, the more severe the damage the longer the re-training.

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